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  1. tyty0996

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    Hello everyone! Glad to find this group of all local ppl! I've been an avid firearm collector for few years now and enjoy talking about them as well.

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  3. Southern Reloading

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    Welcome from God's Country here on the Coast!! What you got to sell?????
  4. maxhush

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    NW MS
    Welcome to mid-week MSGO,
    where the excitement knows
    no bounds!

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  5. Dave

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  6. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy I could only pick one, extra money, or guns.

    It's 50/50.
    50% of the time we're all agreeing we love firearms.
    The other 50% we're disagreeing about everything else.
    Welcome to the jungle.
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  8. :welcomemsgo: Welcome from extreme NW Mississippi!!! I am able to throw one rock and hit both the Mississippi River, and Tennessee. Glad you found us!!!!!!:fun:
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    Herzlich Willkommen! Bienvenidos!
    If you stop by BHS, you might just bump into a couple of members here :rolleyes:.
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  11. SLBcmtr

    SLBcmtr Got to get to the cabin


    Welcome from Madison.
  12. SMissCCJ

    SMissCCJ Glad to be here

    Welcome from Stone County!
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  14. Mesquite

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    Welcome from way down below the Mason Dixon line in Jackson county.