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New from Ridgeland

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Hi, I'm James. I originally grew up in North Jackson but relocated to Ridgeland in the mid 90's. I'm a pretty decent guy, I work with steel for work and fun, I also off road a bronco when I can.

I own and carry a Springfield XD .45 Compact. It's my baby and I trust it with my life.

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Thanks, a friend of mine told me to join after I sent him a link for an Oxford gun store.

I remember finding a Mississippi Glock site a few months ago, but hadn't seen this, he told me it was fairly new.

Glad to be aboard, and thanks for the welcome!
Works for me, I have several large 12 - 14 " 3/8" and 1/4" plates that were left over from cutting out bead locks. They're simple steel, nothing special, but would make good targets. I've thought of doing the same, but don't have anywhere to use them. They're abundant and readily available for me as it's something we make a lot of and they're considered scrap at work.
dhollis51 said:
First off welcome to the club and I see your age is 21. I have a question for you, DO YOU HAVE YOUR FIREARMS PERMIT YET? if not go to the GUN LAWS section and print out the paperwork and take it to Woodrow Wilson and get it ASAP. I just got mine and I am 33 and filled out the paper work 6 times and never did it untill this year and let me tell you it is worth every pennie/minute of wait. if you have done it disreguard the info above, fi you haven't--JUST DO IT!!!

Welcome again
I've been meaning to get my Concealed Carry permit for a while, but money's in the way and I can't spare the change for it (there's valid points to be argued on both sides of the field here, but lets not, please?). I had a buddy of mine who just got his, and he picked up a subcompact Glock, he's actually the guy who told me to join this forum, although I don't know what his username is yet.

TheGreatGonzo said:
I believe your local RPD officers also rely on the Springfield XD, don't they?
Yes they do. It was actually a good family friend who's on the force who convinced me to get an XD. He carries the Tactical .40 and just loves it. He advised me to go with the .40 sub compact, but I felt I was better off with the .45 ACP as I'd spent several years reading and learning about it, then shooting a friend's Kimber and G21. I fell in love with that cartridge. Although, looking back now, I've fired a few .40's and I'd take it as a back up if needed.
dhollis51 said:
I understand completely the $$$ situation trust me. just don't let it take you 12 years to do it like me... good luck and welcome again.
You know...... Christmas can come late ;)
bigsig said:
Welcome to the best gun site around IRISH. Yes , we have a need for steel and 'neck does have a nice place to shoot. What type of "working and playing" with steel do you do? I'm a machinist here on the Coast.
I work at a fabrication shop in Gluckstadt (north madison) http://whiterhinofab.com/ We specialize in off-road parts for jeeps, 4wheelers, and other 4x4's. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow morning/afternoon of my scrap pile here at the house.

We bend a lot of tubing (not to be confused with laying a lot of pipe... lol), we also use a plasmacam to do all of our plate work (anywhere between 20ga and 1" steel plate), we just recently purchased an Iron Worker to make sheering and breaking easier. I'm hoping to get my associates in Machine Tool Tech starting in august. Can you tell me what money's like as a machinist on the coast? I've been considering a move to Ocean Springs.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, I'm a hobbyist blacksmith. I started with railroad spike knives. Although that's kind of on the back burner right now as my shoulder's not doing so well ( Army injury) and I would also lik ea better place to work than out in the elements.
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