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New from the Delta

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Born & bred in the Ms Delta. Been gone a long, long time. Back now. Just starting to reload for handguns & rifles. Not a target shooter, especially, just want my weapons accurate & ammo beyond the reach of politicians.
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Thanks for the welcome, guys.

Looks like theres a lot of experience here. I will be reloading my rem 700 in 270, a 30-30 Marlin, a colt 45 ACP, S&W 357/38. I've already stocked up on 22 rounds, so wont be reloading my assorted 22s. I've read & reread lee 2ed manual & lyman #49 + internet stuff. Bought lee turret press & dies. also have a few hundred empty brass in all calibers, primers & gunpowders. Someone local is going to help me get off on the right foot.

Open to suggestions.
Thanks again for the warm welcome. Good to be back in Mississippi.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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