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new glass on AI

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12x42x56 nightforce np2dd reticle. This scope is amazing. Of course it goes to raining like crazy as soon as i get it and the range is a mudbog now. Hope to really try it out later this week.
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yea i mean they are only like 4,000 bones..... i thought everyone on here had one?? lol jk
his gun and scope cost more than my first car.....
im guessing total package value of $6,000 +/-
yea i think Nightforce or Schmidt & Bender is about as premium as i well ever get. Heck NF titanium rings and bases cost more than most scopes do.
highly reccomend you dont... it will ruin you.. if you think a nikon or leupold is the best of the best you just need to leave it at that
ftsibley said:
nope but it does sleep next to me on the couch.
you see he is sleeping on the couch dont ya.....
1 - 8 of 29 Posts
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