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new glass on AI

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12x42x56 nightforce np2dd reticle. This scope is amazing. Of course it goes to raining like crazy as soon as i get it and the range is a mudbog now. Hope to really try it out later this week.
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Really don't need a spotting scope anymore, do you?
no doubt, i am amazed at the clarity at the highest magnification. I had a leupold 6.5x20x50 on this gun and the NF is a giant improvement over it.

this gun and scope combo weigh in at 14.4 lbs.

For the price difference, there definitely should be. I have recently bought my first two Nikons. They are low end, but I am amazed at the improvement over the Simmons and Bushnells I have been using.
Just the scope was, probably, more than my first car. It was an '87 Toyota Corolla. It was $2500.
My second vehicle was a little more. It was $7500.
I'll probably never make it to that level. I would like a Nikon Monarch BDC. I can't ever seeng paying more then 5-600 for a scope. Maybe it's because I have never looked through one.
Thanks for the advice! You may have saved my marriage! :blol:
1 - 7 of 29 Posts
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