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new glass on AI

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12x42x56 nightforce np2dd reticle. This scope is amazing. Of course it goes to raining like crazy as soon as i get it and the range is a mudbog now. Hope to really try it out later this week.
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well i really wanted the March 8x80x56 scope but it is a bit above my paygrade so NF it is.

i have to thank Chburnham and Saadams523 for buying my 1911's to make it possible.
jbpmidas said:
Really don't need a spotting scope anymore, do you?
no doubt, i am amazed at the clarity at the highest magnification. I had a leupold 6.5x20x50 on this gun and the NF is a giant improvement over it.

this gun and scope combo weigh in at 14.4 lbs.
Beladran said:
does it stay in bed with you??
nope but it does sleep next to me on the couch.
bubbat said:
Beladran said:
does it stay in bed with you??
For 4,000 bones it would have to do more that just sit on top of a gun. :lol:
a March Scope is 4000.00 the nightforce while expensive is much less than the March Beladran and I were refering to.

check them out at www.deon.co.jp/march i am under no illusion of every owning a March- heck i would just love to know someone that owns one.
what beldran said x20..... i was fine with my leupolds until i did the load development for a buddy who had a 300win mag whose chamber was cut with the same reamer as mine..... he sprung for the 5.5x22x56 NF and i spent a week shooting with it...... and life was never the same.
if just one marriage is saved its worth it. :D
preliminary fireforming shows she will be very tight shooting.
Most 5 shot groups @ 100 with reduced loads (42.0 gr imr 4064)and 100gr bt jammed in the lands averaged from .4 to .6 @ 3250fps and gave me very clean fireformed cases ( only lost 3 to split necks)
I have just started load development on the AI cases. starting out with 56.5 gr rel 19 and have gone up in 2/10th increments to 57.2gr right now. Range is flooded but hope to start shooting this afternoon or tommorrow.
Beladran said:
ftsibley said:
nope but it does sleep next to me on the couch.
you see he is sleeping on the couch dont ya.....
She really hasnt put me on the couch, well she has but it wasnt for the gun or scope purchase. Been married goin on 6yrs and still can figure out what she want to hear when she ask those questions like "do you like my skirt" "do these shoes look ok" ect...

She has put 6 rounds down the tube herself. her first three measured .862 (1lbs trigger caught her by surprise on her first shot even though i told her it was that light) her next three shot group was .525 and she liked that.
1 - 9 of 29 Posts
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