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New Gun is in.....

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My new AK-47/22LR is in. Going to pick it up tomorow, go shoot it and write a review.
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AK-47/22LR Review and Pics.

So I picked it up today and took it home. Out of the box I thought "Nice looking gun". It looks like an AK and has some weight to it. Gun weighs 7 1/2 pounds. Went over the instructions. Very simple to operate. All wood stock, handguard and grip, someone told me it is pine but I dont know, dont know much about woods. Armscor does make a Ak-22 that has a plastic handguard and grip but this is wood. It came with a sling but I havent put it on yet. The magazine is a standard 10 round mag slipped into a sleeve that imitates the size of an AK-47 and makes the gun look better than it would without it. There is no place to mount anything. No holes to mount a rail, nothing. Wonder if I could get someone to drill some holes so I could add a rail and tac sight. The gun does have adjustable rear sight. Overall I have to say there really is nothing special about the gun. It comes with one 10 rd mag. Rock Island Arsenal sells the 15 rd for $27.95, will have to order one. This gun is made in the Philipines. So after familiarizing myself with the gun, off to the range. Went to Surplus City 50 yard range. Loaded up the first ten rounds, standing, started shooting and had 4 FTE which also cost me 4 more rounds because every time I had a FTE I also had a FTF and damaged round. Good thing 22 is cheap. I was also having some vision problems due to the low light at that range. I shot 50 rounds total at first. Out of that 50 rounds I probably had 20 FTE and FTF. Brought the target back and was hitting mostly to the right. (Pics below). Fired another 50 with the same results. A few center but mostly to the right. Couldnt tell if the cause was me being unable to get a good sight picture or the sights needed adjustments. Next 50 rounds was from a rest. The target was higher and with the rest I was easily able to get a good sight picture. The rounds hit mostly center high. Same with the next 50. I fired a total of 300 rounds and had probably 60 FTE. The gun was comfortable to shoot. Of course 22's dont have much recoil but this has a little more than the 10/22. As far as the FTE's I have read that the gun needs to be broken in. Ill probably fire another 300 out of it Saturday. (See pics below)

Pros and Cons

Nice look about it.
Good weight.
Solid, it doesnt rattle at all.
Price: $169 shipped plus $25 transfer fee.
All the wood is wood (No plastic)

Magazines are expensive.
No place to mount anything.
Lots of FTE's.

Armscor AK-47/22LR

First 50 rounds. Standing.

At this point I have an error posting pics, see pics next post.
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AK-47/22LR More Pics.

First 50 rounds. Bench.

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I believe the target effect was on me. Too much disparity between standing and using the bench. If I hit the center 8 times, I should have been able to hit it a lot more than that.
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