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New guy from Gulf Coast....

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Hello everyone. I just found this website last night. I am from Biloxi and have been shooting for about 2 years now. Looking forward to getting to know some people. I am trying to get in on competition shooting but I do not know where or how to start. God bless. :fe:
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GunOneDown said:
Welcome aboard Kevin, what kinda competition you looking for? we can lead you in the right direction. USPSA, 3-Gun, Skeet, Plates. ..... pick your poison.
This may not really answer your question, but I am interest in really any kind of pistol competition. Would like to get into long rifle competition eventually, but first I have to buy one and become more experienced with shooting long guns. I really do not know much about competition shooting but I do want to get involved because I would like the challenge and the opportunity to meet people and fine tune my shooting abilities. I have been shooting for about 2 years now but it has mostly been standing in one place on a firing line and shooting at paper.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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