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New Guy from Gulfport

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Im a Former Marine working for the Seabees now. I feel the need to constantly protect me and my family and protect my 2nd Amendment rights. I just bought a Springfield XD-.45 today and I already own 2 Springfield 1911's, Mossberg 500 cruiser, 2 Rem Marlin's, yugo SKS, Bushmaster M4 A3. I am always looking to add to my collection.
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Thanks everyone.

Beladran said:
welcome Lt Dan... One question. have you ever worked on a shrimp boat???
haha nope. I got the name because well my name is Dan and I took some damage to the legs in Iraq in 04 and 05.
I have a feeling im gonna get along with everyone, at least I hope haha. I think we are all on the same page.
1985 4runner said:
Semper Fi.

I'm in Gulfport too.
wheres the nearest range? I need to get the wife in to shoot.
thanks guys. yea it isnt too chilly here thats for sure. I just came back from vacation in Michigan, I got up there and it was 55 degrees the day we got there. made coming back even worse haha.
Ive been known to voice my opinion once or twice ha. Im the typical Marine asshole that wont hold my tongue ha.
I feel so loved already haha.
Cool man. I actually almost moved to ocean springs when I moved down here a few months ago. You go any matches? Carpooling is always good haha
1 - 8 of 28 Posts
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