New guy from the New State

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    Thanks for having me guys. I look for ward to getting to know y'all better.
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    Welcome from the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.
    Home of Mississippi's Premier Gun Club, Coast Rifle and Pistol Club
    crpcms logo.jpg
    We're having a MSGO Meet & Greet on March 17th, at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club. If you're free that day, you should come. Plenty of good food, good folks and lots of shooting. It'll give you a chance to put some names to faces.

  3. Mesquite

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    Welcome back. Having M&G on Mar 17. Several threads in forum. CR&P
    in D'Iberville. :fun:.
    Do our favorite 3 things: Shoot, BS & eat:D.
  4. pull up a chair and sit on the floor,
    have a pull off this jug and tell us some more
    about your self and where ya from
    we like to talk about them guns.
    what cha shoot? whats your preference?
    long gun or handgun makes no matter
    we have experts here who are sure to chattter

    welcome to msgo from franklin co mississippi
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    Welcome!!!! from rural Jasper County!!!!


    As Frodo said:
    Where ya’ from?
    Where ya’ at now?
    9mm or .45?
    1911 or Glock?
    AR or AK?
    Come on, weigh in!!!
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  9. Welcome to our consortium.
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  10. consort'n what??
    aint that what traitors do?
    or some kind of illegal s-- act?
  11. Jarhead5811

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    It’s just one of ‘em big words that means a yankee is trying to make us feel dumb. Do like I do and pretend to understand and move on.
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  12. ohhhh you are a believer of the hide a watch also ....

    I was in colorado and the colorado hands kept talking about an excavator
    how this machine was going to show up and dig a hole with one scoop.
    well, my country a$$ had no idea what an excavator was. but instead of opening my mouth and looking stupid i just hide and watched
    then a old track hoe showed up. they were ewwww and ahhhhing the damn thing
    and is said excavator? this aint nothing but a cat 320 tract hoe
    its brother is twice this size
  13. :welcomemsgo: Welcome from extreme NW Mississippi!!! I am able to throw one rock and hit both the Mississippi River, and Tennessee. Glad you found us!!!!!!:fun:
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  16. onlymaroonmatters

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    Welcome from free state of jones. Ha but you already knew that.

    Lemme see how I do.
    Glock or XD
  17. I'am sorry fella's , no disrespect :) just trying to elevate myself from the NRA loving-Gun nut stigma that currently is surrounding us daily in the mainstream media.
    And... we are a consortium :) but I do favor the term "The Counsel"