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New Light!

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I got a Dark Ops Hellfighter X-8 the other day, I initially wanted to get the X-4 but they were out of stock so I upgraded. This thing is serious: 150 lumens...you could weld with this thing, springs on both ends of the batteries for shock resistance, hard anodized aluminum, "interrogator" bezel (crown) and suprisingly lightweight all for less than $60

I turned it on and threw it across the room (into the couch ) just to see if it would flicker...nope.Then I dropped it in a sink full of water and left it there for 5 minutes and clicked the switch and was illuminated in bright light ( and saw spots for a few minutes) Its a bit larger than I am used to but thats my fault for carrying a mag light. If you need a light get one, you wont be dissappointed.
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360glitch said:
I ordered a Surefire earlier this week that is supposed to arrive today. Can't wait to get it this evening and test it out.

We'll see if it was worth the money, I was able to sell another flashlight of mine to offset the cost.
I got an executive defender also. Three surefires but they were all gifts. They get the job done but the CR123's add up. Need to get another dozen. Would love to find rechargable ones for the xenon bulbs. I guess I'm going to have to check out the LED's, everyone seems to like them but do they have blinding power? Still like my MagLight's though. Worse come to worse, you can cold cock someone with a 4 D cell one.
Slngblde said:
Ive got a led light thats blinding, ill bring it when we meet up tomorrow sid.
Thanks, want to see an LED and if they're as good as they say, I'll pick up some LED parts.
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