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New Light!

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I got a Dark Ops Hellfighter X-8 the other day, I initially wanted to get the X-4 but they were out of stock so I upgraded. This thing is serious: 150 lumens...you could weld with this thing, springs on both ends of the batteries for shock resistance, hard anodized aluminum, "interrogator" bezel (crown) and suprisingly lightweight all for less than $60

I turned it on and threw it across the room (into the couch ) just to see if it would flicker...nope.Then I dropped it in a sink full of water and left it there for 5 minutes and clicked the switch and was illuminated in bright light ( and saw spots for a few minutes) Its a bit larger than I am used to but thats my fault for carrying a mag light. If you need a light get one, you wont be dissappointed.
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Did somebody mention flashlights!

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Ok, Starting from the left and going right.
-Eagletac P20C2 MKII XP-GR5 Led with SS Bezel has 3 modes 400/90/7 Lumens and a strobe mode. Takes 2 CR123A batteries.
-Nitecore Defender Infinity R2 145 Lumens on 1-AA battery
-Behind the Nitcore a Wolf Eyes Night Hunter AX Digital Turbo HO Cree R2 Rotary Focusing Aspherical lense 350 Lumens runs on 1 rechargable 18650 or 2 CR123A batteries.
-Fenix E-21 Cree XP-E Led 2 modes 150 and 48 lumens on 2 AA batteries.
-In front of the Fenix a Romisen RC-N3 Q5 180 Lumens runs on 1 CR123A or 2AA with the Ext tube that comes with it.
-In front of the Romisen a Zebra H51 Headlamp with band 3 modes 200/30/2.5 Lumens runs on a single 1AA battery and the whole rig only weighs 3oz with battery.
-Moving to the back a Sand colored Solarforce L2 R2 Cree 1 mode 300 lumens runs on 2 CR123A batteries.
-Next the tall black one a Malkoff Hound Dog Hi/Lo function by twisting head 325 Measured out the front Lumens on high and 60 on low. It was designed primarily for throw (reach) and will easily illuminate objects at 1000+ feet. Can run on 3 different bodies. I run it on an MD4 body with 2-18650 protected cell rechargable batteries. Made in the USA in Enterprise Alabama.
-And last a Malkoff Camo MD2 Hi/Lo switch with a Malkoff M61 XP-G Cree Led dropin 260 measured out the front Lumens. Takes 1- 18650 rechargable battery or 2 CR123A, It will easily illuminate objects at 350+ feet and will blind opponents within a 100 foot radius. Made in the USA in Enterprise Alabama.
Well there you have. I'm a Flashaholic. The 2 Malkoffs are my favorite.
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cxarak said:
righttoown - what is the run time on the malkoff camo in high/low mode?
The runtime on two CR123A batteries is 2 hours at full output. Then another hour of bright output followed by several hours of declining output. I talk to Gene Malkoff and he said on the 18650 battery that I run should get 3 hrs or longer at full output + the several hours of declining output. On the low mode around 6 to 8 hrs.
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