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New Light!

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I got a Dark Ops Hellfighter X-8 the other day, I initially wanted to get the X-4 but they were out of stock so I upgraded. This thing is serious: 150 lumens...you could weld with this thing, springs on both ends of the batteries for shock resistance, hard anodized aluminum, "interrogator" bezel (crown) and suprisingly lightweight all for less than $60

I turned it on and threw it across the room (into the couch ) just to see if it would flicker...nope.Then I dropped it in a sink full of water and left it there for 5 minutes and clicked the switch and was illuminated in bright light ( and saw spots for a few minutes) Its a bit larger than I am used to but thats my fault for carrying a mag light. If you need a light get one, you wont be dissappointed.
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That's one tacti-cool looking light. That's pretty impressive performance considering the reasonable price tag. I'm currently using a Streamlight Supertac but I may go for a Dark Ops next. It seem like you get more for your money with Dark Ops.

How's the warranty?
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