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I have always had kind of a weakness for Gadgets and Accessories, and boy reloading is an area where you can cover yourself up with them, so I have to be careful. Uniquetek has gotten a few of my bucks over the years, they have some well-thought-out stuff for Dillon presses, and here is my latest. My press is a 550B.

It's an LED light that slips into the center hole in the top of the toolhead and illuminates what's going on on the shellplate, and I am very pleased with it.

I am kind of obsessive about looking down into the case as it comes out of station 2, to make sure there is powder at what seems to be an appropriate level, and also to inspect the case mouth and make sure it didn't crack or something on the flare die, and I'm still looking at that case as the angle changes while I'm rotating the shellplate. I have always wanted more light concentrated on that area, even with a 48" fluorescent light fixture directly over my bench. I have tried to rig up small penlights and various things, with unsatisfactory results. This is very nice, very bright, directly over the shellplate (you can't beat the angle), and it has stick-on wire guides to run the cord off the back of the press, and a little pickle switch to turn it on and off This thing works very well and appears to be well-made so I hope it lasts and lasts. The picture does not really show how much it actually lights up the shellplate.

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