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    We are looking to move to Mississippi soon. The land is in Pike County outside McComb's city limits. I am presently living in Baton Rouge, which has gotten bad for the family (crime wise).
    I retired from my full time job the end of December and presently a gun instructor at our local gun range. Does anyone live around there and is legal to shoot on your own property like it is Liberty, MS? Are there any gun ranges near there. My real estate agent is the game warren in Pike County, but I don't want to ask him in case it is illegal. Any help on my questions would be appreciated.
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    Welcome from Lowndes County

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  4. Cutter

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    Thank you. Not sure where Lowndes Count is.
  5. JohnDeere

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    Southwest gun club is close I think.
    Doug Brouser who is a champion of gun knowledge is in McComb.

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    Thanks, I will try and get in touch with him.
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    Right on the Alabama line 150 miles south of memphrica and a couple hours north of jacktown
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  8. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy I could only pick one, extra money, or guns.

    I would figure it's legal to shoot on private property anywhere in MS as long as it's out 9f city limits and so far away from an occupied dwelling.
    It is where I'm from, and if it wasn't I'd have to move.
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    Welcome from Rankin Co. :hiya:
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    Welcome from Vicksburg.

    Shooting on your property is totally OK---especially if you are not in a platted (recorded down at the Chancery Clerk's office) subdivision or inside a city limits.

    In those places you COULD encounter some restrictions, but only if the local government has enacted local ordinances.

    But even if the county passes a subdivision shooting restriction, they cannot ban shooting in a subdivision if your rounds are reasonably expected to stay on your own property:

    Mississippi Code
    TITLE 45, Chapter 9. Weapons
    Restrictions upon Local Regulation of Firearms or Ammunition

    § 45-9-57. Regulation by county of discharge of any firearm within platted subdivision. A county may regulate the discharge of any firearm or weapon, other than a BB gun, within any platted subdivision. However, no county may prohibit the discharge of any firearm or weapon on land, if such firearm or weapon is discharged in a manner not reasonably expected to cause a projectile from such firearm or weapon to travel across any property line without permission of the property owner.
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    I grew up next door in Amite County. I would recommend
    any county except Pike in southwest Mississippi.
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    :welcomemsgo:From the Delter. It's west of Lowndes County on the other side.