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New Members Welcome at Pine Belt

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Pine Belt Rifle & Pistol Club will reopen for 2017 on 1 Feb 2017. The yearly dues are $70 and payments should be mailed to Edward Myrick 1519 Cedar Lane Drive Laurel Ms. 39440. Please make checks payable To Pine Belt Rifle & Pistol Club. Be sure to include your name, address, phone# and e-mail. The range address is 731 Graves Road Ellisville. The range will be accepting new members as well as renewals.
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What are the facilities like at the range? Are there any pics I can look at? Thanks
Scout, I have no idea about facilities, but I met Mr. Myrick at the Laurel gunshow and have talked on the phone several times since then. He's a really good guy and has some good ideas for the range. For one thing, he's doing research and gathering info to take to the board of directors to start a steel challenge program. I have his contact info if you need it. He would love to talk to you and I'm sure he would show you around.
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