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New Ruger 10/22 have polymer parts

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I have been a fan of the Ruger 10/22 rifle for many years. Ruger has decided to make the trigger guard of polymer as well as the trigger and sear parts. The sear is plastic and has a steel insert that contacts the hammer notch. This setup makes for a spongy trigger pull. This makes for a changing trigger pull as compared with the 10/22 rifles made with aluminum alloy trigger guard and parts. We bought 5 Ruger 10/22 carbines for our Junior Club and they were all rifles with polymer trigger guard and parts. It was very difficult to do trigger jobs on the rifles and make them stay consistant.

Another change in the newest Ruger 10/22 rifles is a cast in one piece hammer. The original hammer is made of a high quality steel forging and has 2 inserts that fit into the hammer and the hammer pin slides through the inserts. The new cast hammer is not of the same quality and the inserts are cast in one piece with the hammer.

I guess I just don't like change made for the sake of cheapening the firearm.

Doug Bowser
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Hey Encoreman, to answer your own question, did you spot mine at the M&G when you checked it???????? It is poly... shoots beautifully and don't worry about corrosion from sweaty hands in the summer...... Being an engineer, I honestly don't care for plastic parts either depending on their function...if holding pressure, whether gas pressure or mechanical pressure, I'd much rather have steel too!
Just watching "Guns and Ammo Classics" and what comes up? This very question... here's the Ruger director of product development (Roy Melcher's) explanation: "We know that what we've done is made a vast improvement over the original component part, it is tougher, it is more accurate, more stable and more impact resistant than the original aluminum trigger guard." Then they performed an impact test (4.5 lbs dropped 3 ft) on the trigger guard assembly...the polymer survived, the aluminum did not.

However, he did not address the trigger or seer................ :thinking:
I hear you Doug, espicially on the CYA... the Midway USA catalog alone has an 2 or 3 pages of replacement 10/22 trigger assy..... What's your recommendation for a reasonably priced upgrade?
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