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New S&W M&P 15-22

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Well yesterday I decided to buy me a new S&W M&P 15-22. I got it at about 10am. I went to shoot it at about 2 that afternoon. This thing was shooting fairly accurate and had very few firing problems at about 200 rounds. I was very impressed. I put it back in my truck about to head home, but my little cousin drove up wanted to see it. I pulled it back out and loaded it. I fired about 10 rounds and then it happened. It fired out of battery.

I'm sitting now at the airport about to go to work and will be gone for three weeks. So, it looks like it will have to lay broken at my house til I come back home and can see about sending it to S&W. Very aggravating to happen on a gun I'd only had for about 5 or 6 hours. I have some pictures on my camera, but can't seem to find my card reader so I can load them to my computer. It looks like the bolt and extractor will need some repairs.

Just thought I would share a FML sotry.

I also thought I put this in the rimfire section, my bad.
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bubbat said:
Magnum man said:
I almost bought one of those S&W's. Paid more for the Colt and by evidence of this post, got more for my money. No problems so far at 2000 plus rounds. (Of course, the Colt is made by Walther)
The Colt is made by Umarex an airsoft company. That's the main reason I passed on buying the Colt.

Yeah. They also manufacture the Walther P22 and the new PK380. I've always liked Walther products but these Umarex products are pretty much what you'd expect. I've heard good things about the Sig 522. I'm not sure if they are making it or having it made by someone else.
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