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New S&W M&P 15-22

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Well yesterday I decided to buy me a new S&W M&P 15-22. I got it at about 10am. I went to shoot it at about 2 that afternoon. This thing was shooting fairly accurate and had very few firing problems at about 200 rounds. I was very impressed. I put it back in my truck about to head home, but my little cousin drove up wanted to see it. I pulled it back out and loaded it. I fired about 10 rounds and then it happened. It fired out of battery.

I'm sitting now at the airport about to go to work and will be gone for three weeks. So, it looks like it will have to lay broken at my house til I come back home and can see about sending it to S&W. Very aggravating to happen on a gun I'd only had for about 5 or 6 hours. I have some pictures on my camera, but can't seem to find my card reader so I can load them to my computer. It looks like the bolt and extractor will need some repairs.

Just thought I would share a FML sotry.

I also thought I put this in the rimfire section, my bad.
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Let us know how they treat you and what their response is. In the past they have really been good to me. I was considering purchasing one as well for cheap AR practice. I have a 10/22, but liked the fact that the controls on the Smith work exactly like a real AR. I wasn't particularly enamered with the Colt version, and it cost more.
msredneck said:
You might wanna read this...it is depressing...I've always been a fan of S&W...especially their revolvers...Of course the following is just one man's opinion...

I wish you well in dealing with S&W...fingers crossed for a good report

Chuck didn't have much good to say about Smith & Wesson. I won't totally disagree with what he said, but I haven't seen it as bad as he mentions. As far as copying other peoples work who doesn't make a 1911, or an AR. Smith & Wesson held the Rollin White patent for a bored thru cylinder that Colt couldn't wait to copy as soon as the patent expired. I guess what I'm saying the whole industry does it to some extent.
Sorry for hijacking the thread! If the mods see fit this may be valid for futher conversation elsewhere.

I seriously hope that they do right by you. Like I said before in the past they have been helpful with questions I've had, and they sent me some manuals in the mail once free of charge.
I like the trigger on the SIG as opposed to the Colt and Smith AR type 22's. It is very SIGish in it's feel and break. If they are not making it then they are having a lot input in the how it's made. The retail cost is the same as the Smith which is about a $100 less than the Colt. The biggest issue I've had with SIG is the cost of their magazines. I don't know what mags are going to cost for this new 22 yet.

As for the Political aspects of the previous owners of Smith they got what they deserved, and you'll get no argument from me. I sold all I had at the time, and refused to buy anything from them. When new managment changed the policies I decided to give them another chance. The change that was affected was from the American people speaking with their wallets, and putting out the word.
cyberwaste said:
umarex is making the HK .22s too the big difference is the HK and colt ones have aluminum uppes and the sig does too where the smith is all polymer.

Sig is making the 522 in house don't know if smith makes there own.
Thanks for the info. I was thinking about the Smith for training purposes, but I might wait a little longer to find out how deal with this problem.
cyberwaste said:
So Smith makes there's also they have fixed this issue if you happen to get a bad one which would be an early one they will pay for shipping and give you 2 free mags.
That's good to hear!
Interesting picture of the out of battery casing. Did your friend check to make sure the firing pin wasn't sticking forward for some reason. I haven't taken the bolt apart on one yet, or to see if some powder residue or other crud could lock it forward.
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