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New shooter gun recomendations

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A friend of my wife wants to buy a handgun and get a carry permit. She has never fired a handgun in her life. She wants me to take her shooting and she knows she wants a Semi Auto. I was thinking of taking her to Surplus City so she can rent and shoot several different types of handguns. I know they have plenty of Glocks and some 1911's to rent. Dont know about revolvers. She has no shortage of cash so she can pretty much get any gun she wants. She is 5'5 and average build with medium-small hands. Recomendations? Recomendations on what she should do first? I know a gun safety/handling class is a must.
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glock_it86 said:
my girlfriend (who is pregnant) shoot her first pistol saturday a mark III .22 then turned right around and wraped her hands around my glock 21 .45 she loved both
I'm no doctor but I don't think the sound is good for the baby. My wife is pregnant with our second child and our doctor said NO shooting. Be careful.


Not trying to hijack tanker, just looking out for the kids.
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