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New Springer trigger for my XD(M) 40

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I got my trigger kit installed in my XD(M) 40 today (Thanks for help from nonnieselman) and tomorrow I will install another kit in my XD(M) 9mm. The 40 kit works fine. The kit removed a bunch of free travel and once you take up the remaining free travel, bam, a very clean break. I am satisfied with the trigger. Although it's not quite what I'm used to, it's a far cry better than the factory trigger. Hoping that it improves with age!!
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If you ever get a chance to meet me I bought a XD (m) 9mm from Rob that was customized by Cannon Creek. I was told that it is as close to a 1911 trigger as possible. I think it is about 2 lbs with very little travel in it.
The Springfield is my competition weapon that I shoot at steel or USPSA matches. I couldn't image trying to carry that for a concealed weapon. It took me a month in a half of dry firing to get use to it and I am still getting use to it. The one thing that I do not do is load and chamber a round except if I am at a firing range ready to shoot.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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