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New Springer trigger for my XD(M) 40

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I got my trigger kit installed in my XD(M) 40 today (Thanks for help from nonnieselman) and tomorrow I will install another kit in my XD(M) 9mm. The 40 kit works fine. The kit removed a bunch of free travel and once you take up the remaining free travel, bam, a very clean break. I am satisfied with the trigger. Although it's not quite what I'm used to, it's a far cry better than the factory trigger. Hoping that it improves with age!!
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I got a Springer kit in my XD 9mm...it went from sucks big time...to almost as good as my Glock 17....and my 17 is sweet
Yeah it WAS really really bad....I can live with it now

Springer kits are very nice...almost sent it To Canyon Creek but did not want to put any more $ in it...the plan was to have a spare USPSA gun but now the G17 is the spare to the G34...

Now I just gotta get time to shoot....too much work

Bottom Line...Springer makes a nice trigger kit
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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