New Steel Targets at MRPC

Discussion in 'Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club' started by JohnHeiter, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. JohnHeiter

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    Thanks to PhillipD, we now have several new steel targets at Magnolia. There are two new plate racks on Range 1A and two new static rectangular gongs on both the 200 and 300 (Ranges 4 & 5). The targets look really well designed and constructed and should provide many years of use for our members. Thanks to Phillip, Kevin, Eddie, and all others involved in these range improvements.

    IMG_5772s.jpg IMG_5773s.jpg IMG_5777s.jpg IMG_5779s.jpg IMG_5771s.jpg
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  2. Xd357

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    Thanks y’all!! Now we can hear a ring instead of a splat.
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  3. cs700

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    Now the trick is to get some folks to hit the plates & not the stand base.
    plate rack hit.jpg
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  4. Richard

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    Many thanks to all. Great job.
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  5. JohnHeiter

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    So... to miss a target by three feet at a distance of 15 yards... 238.125 Minutes of Angle? Is "Hours of Angle" even a real term? Might want to tighten up those groups a bit.

    PhilipD, maybe we need a quote on how much AR500 it would take to put in a floor and a ceiling on Range 1?
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  6. Rachet_36

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    This past weekend I noticed three holes in the tin on top of range 1... They missing big in both directions.
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  7. cs700

    cs700 Distinguished Poster

    It would be safer for all if some folks would just stick with Nerf guns.
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  8. tha1000

    tha1000 Distinguished Poster

    Raise the membership dues, install cameras, ban idjits..
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  9. dhollis51

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    lord have mercy..... :groan::groan::groan::bs::bs:
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  10. tha1000

    tha1000 Distinguished Poster

    I think we have figured out who can't hit a plate rack at 10 yards...
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  11. dhollis51

    dhollis51 Distinguished Poster

    its funnner just shooting at them.....
  12. tha1000

    tha1000 Distinguished Poster

    *general vicinity*
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  13. dhollis51

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  14. nonnieselman

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    I use to haul the welding machine up there at 4am to weld up targets and fix them.. It become to big of a chore to fix screwups from idiots so i just quit. Some people are just too stupid.
  15. phillipd

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    Mr. John we could do it, but I doubt it would be cheap
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