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Want some custom fitted grips without the expense? I think this guy is going to have more business than he can handle.

Yeah they are ugly as sin, but pretty isn't the objective with these. ;)

3D Printed Custom Target Grips | WeaponsMan

Target shooters have long had custom grips made to fit their individual hands. (Indeed, you can buy many exotic pistols with a grip that is fully inletted but externally a block of wood, ready for you to shape it yourself). But it was probably inevitable that an entrepreneur would surface, doing this with 3D scanning and printing: Precision Target Pistol Grips.

After making precision target pistol grips for Air, Standard, and Free Pistols, for a variety of hands and guns for the college team I coach, I’ve recently begun a business doing the same. Using 3d scanning and printing techniques I’ve modeled many different guns and hands from XS to XL, left-handed and right, straight inset and cross-eye dominant. Now you don’t have to own a high-end gun to get a precision or custom-fit grip.

Your grip can be manufactured from either a plant-based polymer (called PLA) in your choice of color or one of three colors of a wood composite that is half polymer and half wood fiber. In hand, the composite grip feels like a traditional wood grip but one made exactly to your hand. Best of all, these grips start at less than half the price of a traditional custom wood grip.
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