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New (to me) shotgun

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Believe it or not my father-in-law gave me this Beretta BL-4 20 gauge O/U. It's choked at IC/M. I'm not much of a hunter, so I was wondering if this would work for skeet. I'm assuming it's a little wide for trap. I'm also looking for recommendations on getting the stock repaired, there is a small crack at the bottom.


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There's a guy that sells Beretta wood but don't know if he finishes (to match to the front). Think he's out of Kansas, used to advertise in shotgun news so I'm sure you can find him.
Nice Shotgun, Beretta makes some beautiful guns, especially if you want to pay for the higher end ones.
I'll check around. I would get it repaired also if I were you. Be hard to match that nice wood.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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