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New Toy!!!

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Couple of weeks ago bought a Savage 10 FCP-K in 308 Win. Scope arrived Friday but rings and bases are supposed to arrive tomorrow. What I wanted was on backorder and I couldn't find locally. :(

I decided to web the stock. I have taken a liking to the webbed stocks. Unfortunately this rifle didn't come with a webbed stock so I had to do it myself. adding pic now

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Has a 24 inch heavy barrel with the factory muzzle brake.
For now I'm putting a NIkon Prostaff 4-12x40 BDC reticle scope on it. Going to see how that works out and decide if I want a higher power scope
I removed the webbing today. It didn't look as good as my Weatherby done by the factory.
I think I'm going to send it to have it dipped digital camo. Anyone used anyone and can recommend?
Please let me know. thanks
ok, I wont send off before then. I did find out that MrClean does the duracoat and I pm'd him some questions about it.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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