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new toys for my bday!

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ive been wantin a pistol to hunt with so thursday when i got in dad's truck he told me there was a .44 mag in the tradewins. so we went n looked at it and i got it. its a ruger super redhawk .44 mag. i love it but it's gonna take some gettin used to! then friday when we got in from huntin at my grandmothers n got done eatin my uncle wanted to give me my bday present. he handed me a box of subsonic .22s and i was like awesome cause they r fun to shoot and then my grandmother was like he's got somethin else. he got an awesome gift!!!!!! its a rossi .22 slap shot. i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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o crap! i didnt explain the case which to me has the most emotional value, when we were gettin ready to leave my grandmother told my uncle to go get my grandfather's old case out of the closet for me to have to take the .22 home in. he came back with this one and a zip shotgun case that was way too big for my .22. she had forgotten about the one i got but told my uncle to see if it would fit. he put it in it and it fits perfectly. after that she told me that it was my grandfather's that he had made in one of his classes in college. he died right b4 my 16th birthday so to say the least it is extremely special to me!
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thanks everyone and xd i really dont know much about them other than they are deer killin machines. mine is the super redhawk so that may be the difference. idk
xd i went and looked. i was mistaken on which one i had. u were right. thanks for telling me the difference between the two. i had never known
thanks everyone and myers ur right about it being a cannon... can u imagine a girl that's 5'2'' and weighs 110 shooting it?
shot um both. .44 kicks a little more than the .22 :lol3: its not something i wanna shoot all day everyday but i can shoot it
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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