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New Twist on Primers

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I was in Gary's Pawn and Gun Shop in Columbus today and they had primers. When I asked for sr primers, the clerk hesitated and went to one of the other guys behind the counter and came back and told me that I had to buy something else before they could sell me some primers, They're holding primers as hostage to force you to make another purchase. After it was all said and done, I left with 2 boxes (100 count) and did not have to make another purchase. Although, I shouldn't have had to anyway because the primers were $5.00 per box.
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encoreman said:
I probably would have told him to put them where the sun didn't shine. Ya'll know we could be rich if we just started a company manufacturing reloading components. I will volunteer to sell them if ya'll can get them made. Any takers??
I suspect nowadays ya gotta all but sell your soul to the Feds before you can get OK'd to manufacture anything which "terrorists" could use.

So, do you want to do the selling on straight commission, or salary plus??
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