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NEW WITH PICTURE UPDATES ON building a custom 10/22

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I am about to build a custom 10/22. i Got on the internet and went to e author brown company and found my stock and barrel on there. Its one of the Silhouette Stocks - Laminated in gray and the barrel is on of the Threaded Fluted 10/22 Accuracy Barrel Stainless (.920) plan on putting one of the tactical solutions muzzle break on it and adventually a can to quieten it down a little does anyone know anything about that company like quality of there items and time it takes to ship i plan on ordering my stock, barrel, muzzle break, extended mag release, 15moa tactical weaver style scope base, timney trigger, and tactical v-block all at one time does this sound like it will make a good shooter or what other parts do i need and if i have some parts on my wish list that ya ll thinnk i dont need let me know because this is the first custom 10/22 i have built and it will be soon followed by the same set up but with a PINK stock for my wife. Let me know what your opinions are of my chosen setup so far.
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come on guys give me some info thoughts on this
Do you know about his prices
thank ya ll very much for the info. what is some of the main componets i need to change/upgrade when i build my custom 10/22 i mean beside the stock, barrel, v-block, trigger, etc
thanks HRDNOX for the info. I have spent a whole lot of time reading and trying to learn on my own ha i am the night supervisor for baker hughes. I have been on this rig here for exactly 4 weeeks and not much goes on at night so this laptop is all that helps me pass time ha. I also agree with you that there is a lot to learn and i know i do not know near what i need to know. I thought about buying a action and starting from there but i cant really decide on that my plan is t buy 2 new 10/22 from accademy sports for 189.00 each and build mine with the parts listed above, then see how it turns out then i will start work on my wifes it is going to have basically the same parts as mine but with some sort of pink stock to add the girly theme. What are your ideals about just buying two recievers and starting from there
p.s. what do you mean by saying i need to buy a threaded barrel on the front end? You talking about the muzzle end or where it mates to the reciever?
Yeah I can't wait to get home and get started on it the only reason I am buying the carbines is to get the recievers I am going to go with. Stainless barrels I hope they will look ok with the black recievers later on I may upgrade to a better recievers in stainless wat you think do u think the. Cqrbines will be ok
thanks SUBGUNFAN i am thinking about going with black reciever stainless barrel and a grey and black laminated stock whats your opinion about that
also when i get this thing built do i need to go ahead and get one of those 15 moa scope rails for shooting 100 yards? and also what kind of scope do ya ll recomend for competition shooting.
ha ha welcome to the web site uncle. i am sure you will like it.
ok guys here is an update on the custom 10/22s, just placed my order on line got a 18" threaded fluted stainless .920 bull barrel, tactical solutions stainless muzzle break, laminated thumbhole blue stock, tactical solutions v-block.... hit the ole pocket book a little ha but now i cant wait to get it all in.Will post pictures asap.
P.S. Uncle brent daniel (his screen name on here) i will get you this factory stock as soon as i get my replacement.
P.S.S. if my uncle doesnt want the factory stainless barrel i will put it on here for sale it has prolly 300 rounds through it if you are interested in it let me know by pm or posting it on here.
Well just got my ruger completely tore apart can't wait for my new parts to arrive
Ha yeah your. Right its tough thanks for the encouragement only thing that seems to take it off my mind is sleep ha
here are the first pictures of one of my custom 10/22 builds this is the first stage, tearing down the stock one to make way for all new custom parts.

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ha ha you sound like me ha ha the possibilities are endless i ordered a blue laminated thumbhole stock, a 18 inch stainless threaded fluted .920 bull barrel, a tactical soluctions tactical v-block (to decrease barrel sag), a tactical soluctions muzzle break(compensator). ordered a timney trigger group but it was on back order so i canceled it thinking bout getting it from some where else or may a volquartzen trigger, i adventually plan on getting the extended mag release oversized bolt handle, buffer, then want to send my bolt off to get it made "purdy" then i after i finish mine i have to start on my wifes... ha poor pocket book!
Yeah i agree i cant wait to get my parts in i bought the gun new about three weeks ago just to build a purdy custom one i have checked the ups tracking twice today ha!
+1 for best all around gun
it seems that everyone is crazy about the savage mark II well i have a savage mark I it is pretty old not sure how old but its a single shot and very accurate. According to my tracking number my parts will be here in 2 business days by ups. does any one kow if that means Saturday or monday? I am not sure if ups considers saturday a business day or not
I hope looks like I hope it does and I hope it shoots better
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