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NEW WITH PICTURE UPDATES ON building a custom 10/22

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I am about to build a custom 10/22. i Got on the internet and went to e author brown company and found my stock and barrel on there. Its one of the Silhouette Stocks - Laminated in gray and the barrel is on of the Threaded Fluted 10/22 Accuracy Barrel Stainless (.920) plan on putting one of the tactical solutions muzzle break on it and adventually a can to quieten it down a little does anyone know anything about that company like quality of there items and time it takes to ship i plan on ordering my stock, barrel, muzzle break, extended mag release, 15moa tactical weaver style scope base, timney trigger, and tactical v-block all at one time does this sound like it will make a good shooter or what other parts do i need and if i have some parts on my wish list that ya ll thinnk i dont need let me know because this is the first custom 10/22 i have built and it will be soon followed by the same set up but with a PINK stock for my wife. Let me know what your opinions are of my chosen setup so far.
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I have a stainless heavy barrel on a black receiver and I think it looks GOOD (with a black stock).

Hang in there................ The waiting is the hard part...........

terrybaldridge said:
........................ I am guessing I spent more on my scope than he has on his 10-22.

They are fun guns either way you go.

My first 10/22 was bought around 1978 from a store (can't remember the name) that was next to Metrocenter's movie theater. The cost was $105. Maybe the store was Roses....???

Ruger 10/22............. The BEST all round 22RF rifle ever made.

ezgo said:
SubGunFan, it was Service Merchandise,

That's where I bought mine.........
Thanks ezgo. Man, I would have never came up with that name. Now it rings a bell.

Dime size group at 50yds is an excellent start. Must have been No wind...... :)

D A M N . . . . . She is a looker ! ! ! Major eye candy.

Note: Your scope covers are getting dusty laying on the ground...... :)

If you come to Magnolia tomorrow to try a "mini" 22 F-Class match, I will be embarrased to show you my custom 10/22.......

On the 10/22 you shouldn't need the 20 MOA rings for shooting 100yds. You need 1" rings tall enough for the BSA 8-32 scope to clear the barrel. I suggest what are called "high" rings. Look on Brownell's website at part # 955-490-303. This is what I use with my BSA 8-32.

amorgan said:
Ok guys i am gonna try and put together a list of my parts and the cost of them.
*Ruger 10/22 Carbine Stainless-$239.00
*Custom Blue laminated thumbhole stock-$149.00
*EABCO Accuracy barrell 18" ss threaded and fluted-$219.00
*Tactical Soluctions V-Block-$20.00
*Tactical Soluctions Compensater SS-$37.00
*Volquartsen t-2000 trigger group 2lbs ss-$200.00
*Volquartsen recoil buffer-$8.99
*BSA 8x32x44mm platnuim target ao-$89.00 (on sale)
*Volquartsen extended mag release-included in the trigger group
*Volquartsen auto bolt release-Included in the trigger group
----------------------COST TOTAL-----------
Approx. $1000.00
Not couting all the work and time and ammo cost
If it makes you happy................ then it is worth it.

1 - 9 of 81 Posts
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