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NEW WITH PICTURE UPDATES ON building a custom 10/22

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I am about to build a custom 10/22. i Got on the internet and went to e author brown company and found my stock and barrel on there. Its one of the Silhouette Stocks - Laminated in gray and the barrel is on of the Threaded Fluted 10/22 Accuracy Barrel Stainless (.920) plan on putting one of the tactical solutions muzzle break on it and adventually a can to quieten it down a little does anyone know anything about that company like quality of there items and time it takes to ship i plan on ordering my stock, barrel, muzzle break, extended mag release, 15moa tactical weaver style scope base, timney trigger, and tactical v-block all at one time does this sound like it will make a good shooter or what other parts do i need and if i have some parts on my wish list that ya ll thinnk i dont need let me know because this is the first custom 10/22 i have built and it will be soon followed by the same set up but with a PINK stock for my wife. Let me know what your opinions are of my chosen setup so far.
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Barrel break in on mine when it was new years ago was to put a brick of ammo through it as fast as possible. At least 20,000 rounds later that barrel is still fairly accurate. I really have no clue how many rounds have been through that poor gun, i stopped counting at 10k... that was about 20 years ago.
i cant wait till i get to put some rounds down the pipe i will definately post some results.
Ok guys here is my first range report. I was at my house at my own 50 yard spot. I was shooting off my caldwell shooting rest with Federal match ammo (the bulk stuff they sale at wal mart) its 20.00 for 325 of them. Just ole cheap stuff. But after i got my old cheap bsa 3x9x50 mounted on top just for some break in time. I was amazed how well it shot i am very very very impressed. I was able to shoot 10 shots in under a dime and 30 shots in about a quarter. I will post some pictures of the gun and of the targets when i get a chance. F-Class Here i come!!!!
P.S. i am planning on ordering a good bit of different types of ammo to try in her. So yall give me a list of what has worked for ya ll and what to try and what not to try thanks
Dime size group at 50yds is an excellent start. Must have been No wind...... :)

probably about 5 mph. but i was shooting down a lane in some pine trees so the wind really couldnt get to the bullet i guess but i was very pleased.
ok here is a question i have put 500 rounds exactly down the pipe in two days that is all that has been shot through it still doing great. How often do i need to clean the inside of the barrel? Like how often do ya ll clean if you are wanting to keep it as accurate as possible.
Yep, try several types of different ammo -- it may make a difference for the better.

I do not clean mine ... just me! Seems everytime I clean it, accuracy goes to pot and I have to start all over again. My Kimber has probably close to 1500 though it now and I am not going to clean it. However, I am a firmly believe that guns are like women - all different ... your gun just may like to be cleaned!!
thats kinda what i was thinking. it has 500 through it and still on the money at 50 yards i put 50 shots all in the size of a quarter maybe a tad bigger shooting cheap target ammo bulk federal from walmart. Hey captain 03 this practice match ya ll are having when is it and what will be happening there.
amorgan said:
thats kinda what i was thinking. it has 500 through it and still on the money at 50 yards i put 50 shots all in the size of a quarter maybe a tad bigger shooting cheap target ammo bulk federal from walmart. Hey captain 03 this practice match ya ll are having when is it and what will be happening there.
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My brother did this. Stock, barrel, trigger assy, scope, etc... He still had a 10/22 which jammed. It still would not keep with my Sako Finnfire. The only changes/addition to the Finnfire is a jewel trigger and a scope. My Finnfire liked Federal 901B ammo. His never came close Gun to gun but the Money was neck and neck.
congrats Practical P35 on having a good shooter. But you didnt help my feelings none ha ha i am still very proud of my little gun. Maybe some day i will see you at the range and see if my lil gun can hang with yours. Thanks for the comment hope to see ya at the range soon.
ok guys here is a picture of it finally let me know what ya think.
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D A M N . . . . . She is a looker ! ! ! Major eye candy.

Note: Your scope covers are getting dusty laying on the ground...... :)

If you come to Magnolia tomorrow to try a "mini" 22 F-Class match, I will be embarrased to show you my custom 10/22.......

Why would you be embarrased and thanks for the compliment I would love to cobut I am at work
That is one excellent looking 10/22

IF I might ask, what brand of barrel and stock is that? And did you bed the action or have
it done?
All my parts come from E Arthor Brown Compny. My barrel is 18" stainless fluted and threaded accuracy barrel from them and my stock is one of there siloutte stocks however you spell it. My muzzle break is made my tactical soluctions and so is my tactical v block to reduce barrel sag. I also have on the way a volquartsen t2000 trigger group bolt buffer and new take down screw. If you are interested in the website just got to google and type in E Arthor brown and it should pull up.
Thqnks Amorgan

I've already got E Arthur Brown's website bookmarked as a possible vendor for my own
yet to be custom 10/22. If you don't mind one last question, did you bed the action or
perhaps have that done? I'm considering the Hogue overmolded stock for mine and am
curious if you can even bed something in a synthetic stock like that.
well mine is not bed at all i dont guess it is just in the stock and held in place with the take down screw. it fits very nice and tight though and the barrel is 100% free floated. I Would reccomend E arthour brown to any one very fast same day shipping and top noth help and when you call you dont get a machine you actually speak to a person. They are very cheap for as money and the products are great. Would reccomend to anyone in a heart beat only took me 3 days from the day i ordered it to recieve it.
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