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NEW WITH PICTURE UPDATES ON building a custom 10/22

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I am about to build a custom 10/22. i Got on the internet and went to e author brown company and found my stock and barrel on there. Its one of the Silhouette Stocks - Laminated in gray and the barrel is on of the Threaded Fluted 10/22 Accuracy Barrel Stainless (.920) plan on putting one of the tactical solutions muzzle break on it and adventually a can to quieten it down a little does anyone know anything about that company like quality of there items and time it takes to ship i plan on ordering my stock, barrel, muzzle break, extended mag release, 15moa tactical weaver style scope base, timney trigger, and tactical v-block all at one time does this sound like it will make a good shooter or what other parts do i need and if i have some parts on my wish list that ya ll thinnk i dont need let me know because this is the first custom 10/22 i have built and it will be soon followed by the same set up but with a PINK stock for my wife. Let me know what your opinions are of my chosen setup so far.
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Ok good news and bad news. Bad news that I am headed back to work. Good news is I found the type of ammo mine likes the best. It's lapua center x but sk standard plus is a real close second. Gonna do some more texting between them two. Also got some very helpful info f4om a new friend on here Mr Eddie. He helped me a lot wit my barrel droop. Thanks to him. Also it looks like I will be home just in time for the f class match can't wait to meet everyone.
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