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Next F Class - 22 match - Neck's place - Dec 18th Book It! Sign Up

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Hopefully I'll have plenty deer killed buy then so....

Next F class 22 rimfire match at 'Necks Place...soon to be known as ******* Hollow Shooting Range.

Sat Dec 18th - 9:00 am

rain or snow - we go

If you think you'd might be up for one of them sexy Kimber 82's...we might figure out a way to do a group buy...

I'll need to stay out of it...if you got the $....pm mstropyhunter about it and we'll find a way to make it happen...We'll need the $ up front though...$430 if we get em shipped...

$400 plus Al sales tax on $400 if mstropyhunter is able to stop in Anniston, AL in a few weeks to look at em
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SubGunFan said:
I will be back on the 18th. Learned a few things at the 1st match.....

EDITED TO ADD... (This was my 1000th post..... :) )

Congratulations on number 1000!!!!!!!!!!!
X-Ring said:
We will leave it the 18th. That gives everyone a chance to get there gear in and be ready.
10-4 ... looking forward to it ...

If anyone wants to do some practice before then, let me know!!
X-Ring said:
I may shoot Saturday just for giggles Captain. Will know more by the end of the week.
Let me know!! .... may have some ammo by then!! :lol4:
msredneck said:
My gun is in the shop ...
What you having done?
shoeshooter said:
Where you getting your wolf .22 ammo?
If you want to pickup some locally, Southern Gun in Pearl usually carries a little ..
msredneck said:
...aint got no gun or good ammo right now
Where is the GUN??
msredneck said:
..2 bricks wolf match extra just hit the door...I'm set on ammo now
OK - you gotta SHARE!!
msredneck said:
talk it up among some shooters over at Surplus City....Gunsmith's son., Jabo has a killer custom 22...if it shoots half as good as it looks...we in trouble :)
I am already in trouble -- but it will be fun!!
Based on type rifles that show up .. we should be able to make this go pretty fast by most standards ... The time consuming issue will be actually changing of the relays ... Regardless, we will make it work!!
We could actually put 4 targets to a target stand if needed!!
SubGunFan said:
...We can just use a BIGGER tarp................ :) .
:lol: :blol:
Here are a couple threads with some additional info to include target, etc ...



Yea - and we also taked about maybe some age group classifications and as they progress, we can move the targets out to 50yrds - always want a challenge!!

I have three US Army M44 target 22s that I am going to have drilled/tapped and scopes mounted for use by the Jrs -- hope the stocks are not too long for some of the really young ones!! Also have 3 stock 10/22s that we can use. I know I got a few 3x9 scopes sitting around here ...

I would really like to see us get juniors involved in this ... I will do all I can to make it happen!!
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