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Next F Class - 22 match - Neck's place - Dec 18th Book It! Sign Up

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Hopefully I'll have plenty deer killed buy then so....

Next F class 22 rimfire match at 'Necks Place...soon to be known as ******* Hollow Shooting Range.

Sat Dec 18th - 9:00 am

rain or snow - we go

If you think you'd might be up for one of them sexy Kimber 82's...we might figure out a way to do a group buy...

I'll need to stay out of it...if you got the $....pm mstropyhunter about it and we'll find a way to make it happen...We'll need the $ up front though...$430 if we get em shipped...

$400 plus Al sales tax on $400 if mstropyhunter is able to stop in Anniston, AL in a few weeks to look at em
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Make that me and Miss Hammer with 3 possible junior shooters in tow. Gotta clear it with their mom first.
Well I can say Miss Hammers Savage loves Remington Thunderbolts but hates Winchester. I have never seen a gun hate ammo like her Savage does Winchester.
Have we figured out how we are gonna run the jr shooter match? Like what yard they will be shooting at?
I'm bringing an extra 3 or 4 rifles with me also.
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