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Next F Class - 22 match - Neck's place - Dec 18th Book It! Sign Up

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Hopefully I'll have plenty deer killed buy then so....

Next F class 22 rimfire match at 'Necks Place...soon to be known as ******* Hollow Shooting Range.

Sat Dec 18th - 9:00 am

rain or snow - we go

If you think you'd might be up for one of them sexy Kimber 82's...we might figure out a way to do a group buy...

I'll need to stay out of it...if you got the $....pm mstropyhunter about it and we'll find a way to make it happen...We'll need the $ up front though...$430 if we get em shipped...

$400 plus Al sales tax on $400 if mstropyhunter is able to stop in Anniston, AL in a few weeks to look at em
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Sign me up.

'neck you won't have to worry about being last if I'm there. Will have to leave by noon or 1:00, gotta go to work. Holidays & working in retail makes for some crappy schedules, but at least it keeps me in guns & ammo. ( and scopes, and dies, etc, etc... :) )
I, for one, hope it stays on the 18th. Won't have my rifle by next weekend.
Where you getting your wolf .22 ammo?
msredneck said:
Hey X-Ring...can u scare me up that ****-ass chili recipe?
Yeah, that's the ticket. Then we can re-enact the campfire scene from "Blazing Saddles".

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