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Next F Class - 22 match - Neck's place - Dec 18th Book It! Sign Up

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Hopefully I'll have plenty deer killed buy then so....

Next F class 22 rimfire match at 'Necks Place...soon to be known as ******* Hollow Shooting Range.

Sat Dec 18th - 9:00 am

rain or snow - we go

If you think you'd might be up for one of them sexy Kimber 82's...we might figure out a way to do a group buy...

I'll need to stay out of it...if you got the $....pm mstropyhunter about it and we'll find a way to make it happen...We'll need the $ up front though...$430 if we get em shipped...

$400 plus Al sales tax on $400 if mstropyhunter is able to stop in Anniston, AL in a few weeks to look at em
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we'll start a Sign Up

1. Richard

2. X-Ring

3. Mstropyhunter

4. Mrs Hammer with 3 junior shooters in tow

5. Miss Hammer


7. Captain-03

8. Bubbat

9. Sidroski

10. SubGunFan



13. Shoeshooter

14. msredneck

15. suberjc

16 + 17. T. Bullock and son (surplus city)

18. nonnieselman

19. Slngblade
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sidroski said:
I'm in if we can keep it around $450.
Who and when do we get the money to? I assume MSTrophy, but want to be sure.
guess we need a separate thread for those that wanna consider a Kimber 82 bolt 22 from CMP

BUT I aint running or financing any group gun buying.....nope...I'm broke anyway

Can't afford a bulk box of 22's right now
seperate thread created for Kimber 82's...

I sure would like one of them 40X's Subgunfan had yesterday...

How bout a pic of that mutha......all by its lonesome :awesome:
Sid...we got it figured out...

Looks like we got enough for 2 groups of shooters now

Ya'll bring lots of that cheap bulk ammo to shoot :p
Richard added..

I may not be at this one...too many deer need killing

Just an FYI
X-ring is thinking about moving it up to 1st weekend in Dec....

fine with me...
I like live targets better!... :rotflmao:

Next weekend is fine....I aint gotta be there..X-ring and Captain-03 are in charge...let me know when I need to show up...for lunch

Seriously...whatever the date...Match Directors pick it...don't matter to me

Thought that's what the "match" was for?

My gun is in the shop and my ammo aint in yet....so

let me know when lunch is served.... :lol3:
trying to get my trigger improved..still no wolf match extra ammo

If we have hot weather...above 60... I may shoot this Sat...if it cools off I'll be hunting
Champion Shooters Supply...It must be coming on a slow boat...
captain-03 said:
shoeshooter said:
Where you getting your wolf .22 ammo?
If you want to pickup some locally, Southern Gun in Pearl usually carries a little ..
They Got Wolf Match Extra.....? Dont want Wolf Match

location: ******* Hollow....my little piece of heaven just outside of Clinton

If ya'll defnately wanna practice this Sat...someone can make arrangements to meet the newbies

aint got no gun or good ammo right now
trigger still needed work....

Trying to get gunsmith Thomas Bullock and son at Surplus City to come join us

2 bricks wolf match extra just hit the door...I'm set on ammo now
almost $70 a brick with shipping...but 20 boxes oughta last me a whole season of matches

Trying to get the Kimber trigger better and talk it up among some shooters over at Surplus City....Gunsmith's son., Jabo has a killer custom 22...if it shoots half as good as it looks...we in trouble :)
Match is on for Dec 18th @ 'necks range

17 folks signed up so far

get your gear in and set up

my Kimber is back!....

Nonnie u aint signed up yet bro? U coming?
looks like i f everyone shows up we got quite a crowd coming...

looking into "catering" some chow for lunch....more later...it might need to be an all day shoot...which is fine by me

If you wanna shoot though...U need to let it be known if you aint in that list at the start of the thread
Just find out the $ damage info and get back with me.

trouble is...if we got bad weather lots of folks would be no shows

can't nothing be "simple" anymore

Just keep in mind that we can only shoot with 7 folks at a time...unless we figure something out with my larger berm...so that means we are gonna be running at least 3 squads

what was a morning shoot might become a whole day event...which is fine by me...

we are not gonna discourage anyone from participating....

Where's my match director...?
There's a limited amount of berm space so we are limited on how many targets we can run at one time. each shooter shoots 2 targets...10 shots each target plus sighters..on one stand

aint got no pit like real F class

Like Captain-03 said...ya'll come...we'll make it work

down to 17 or so now
The main issue is the width of my 100 yard berm..it limits the # of target stands we can have up at one time...

remember some of us (me) have trouble remembering which targets to shoot...so keeping track of 4 on one stand might just be too much for an old man...LOL

we could "adjust" and use the other berm which is wider allowing more shooters at one time...its an option

Slngblade is looking into a box lunch or catering from his pals at Froghead Grill in Clinton..

They got good chow

Come one.... come all...I got all day on Dec 18th...hopefully the weather cooperates
Had to bail on catering so we are back to just shooting now....
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