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Next F Class - 22 match - Neck's place - Dec 18th Book It! Sign Up

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Hopefully I'll have plenty deer killed buy then so....

Next F class 22 rimfire match at 'Necks Place...soon to be known as ******* Hollow Shooting Range.

Sat Dec 18th - 9:00 am

rain or snow - we go

If you think you'd might be up for one of them sexy Kimber 82's...we might figure out a way to do a group buy...

I'll need to stay out of it...if you got the $....pm mstropyhunter about it and we'll find a way to make it happen...We'll need the $ up front though...$430 if we get em shipped...

$400 plus Al sales tax on $400 if mstropyhunter is able to stop in Anniston, AL in a few weeks to look at em
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X-Ring said:
Mrs. Hammer said:
Have we figured out how we are gonna run the jr shooter match? Like what yard they will be shooting at?
I'm thinking we will squad the Juniors on their on relay and set them up on a 25 or 50 yard firing line and the adults can coach them while they are firing their strings. I will see Captain today and we will talk about it and post some info.
We talked about it and we will start them out at 25 yards and see how it goes from there. The juniors will be shooting on a different target with larger scoring rings. Also we have them shoot unlimited sighters and 10 shots for score rather than the 20 shots. We will hang 2 targets for them the one on the left will be for their sighters and when they are ready to go for record they will fire at the one on the right. If you want a copy of the target please IM me with your e-mail and I will send it to you. It is printable on 8.5 x 11 printer paper.
Yea - and we also taked about maybe some age group classifications and as they progress, we can move the targets out to 50yrds - always want a challenge!!

I have three US Army M44 target 22s that I am going to have drilled/tapped and scopes mounted for use by the Jrs -- hope the stocks are not too long for some of the really young ones!! Also have 3 stock 10/22s that we can use. I know I got a few 3x9 scopes sitting around here ...

I would really like to see us get juniors involved in this ... I will do all I can to make it happen!!
im with cap on that one. any jr that can shoot my gun is welcome to!!!!
I dont think we are gonna have a shortage of 22 rifles... :lol:

Ill have 3 with me.
Im in as long as nonnie let's me use one of his rifles. haha :)
I'm bringing an extra 3 or 4 rifles with me also.
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