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Merry Christmas to me! FInally got my Surefire RC2 after 254 days. Bought through Silencer Shop/DSP. Approval email came in around 8 am and went straight to the store when it opened. My 2 stamper is "complete" for now. On to waiting for my Sparrow which I did end of April.

Submitted/Certified: 04/13/22

Approved: 12/23/22

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Anyone else having issues with the eForm and their user ID and PIN when filling out ?
I have attempted at dealer about 8x now. I KNOW what my ID is and my PIN as well. But it errors out and says be sure ID and PIN are correct?

Have YET to get anyone from ATF on a phone as well.
Same thing was happening on my 30 cal can but it finally took it. Now doing same thing with my 9mm can.

Anyone with similar issues?
1241 - 1260 of 1260 Posts