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    Has anyone ever dealt with NGOA? I keep getting emails from Sneaky Pete, urging me to join so I can "save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on firearms and ammunition." The annual membership fee of $96.00 seems pretty steep - but they do offer a "money back guarantee." I've always heard that if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't true at all.

    Your thoughts/opinions are appreciated.
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    I would store the information they send you in file 13 right by the trash can. I don,t know them but I have a bad taste right now to companies with free trials. I just got took for 200 dollars. I am going to have to pay it to keep my credit rating. My credit card companies fraud department alerted me, then sat on the information about how to help me, then the credit card company basically said I am on my own. So I sent several letters, called several times, locked the card down and told them I would pay it but that will be all the money they will ever make from me. DA-- CROOKS The credit card company; The Sportsmans Guide Visa, COMENITY BANK
    It was not a Sportsmans Guide Product, it was the VISA--- BEWARE
    If I was younger, i would tell them to sue me. I have worked hard to rebuild my credit after I got down with with psoriatic arthritis 14 years ago
    When they say money back guarantee, there is usually some fine print that we never see till the trial period is over, usually 30 days. I am still going to contact Gary Owen to tell him how that company is treating his customers.
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    I don't really trust anyone I haven't personally known for at least 40 years, or who meets certain other criteria. Which makes for a very short list. :)
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    me too and i'm only 38
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    ?? Wasn't NGOA the group passing offf all kinda crap about some of the past Gun legislation here few yrs back???
    Heard other things. Won't get anything from me.
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    I’ve been tempted to take advantage of one of the deals they always send me but I haven’t because it generally says it’s free but after clicking and reading either the shipping charge is crazy high which negates the “free” or I’m signing up to get more stuff at their low price in the future automatically billed to my CC. At least I think that crap is from a them. I learned a long time ago the only way to stop those things is to cancel your card and get a new card. Never are worth the hassle.

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    I agree
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