Nice Snow Today

Discussion in 'North Mississippi' started by oldwelder, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. oldwelder

    oldwelder Distinguished Poster

    We are getting a nice pretty snow here in Glen, MS today, as I write this at 1:30 pm it 23 degrees and falling, my green field behind the house is now a white field I have seen a few does and one young buck crossing the field today, most of north MS and west TN have snow today, glad we didn't get the ice they were calling for last night.
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  2. beasleydano

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    Same here in Horn Lake. I left Thursday moning about 7:30 AM for a cousin's funeral in McKenzie, TN & really wanted to stay longer to visit with relatives but drove back home last night due to snow advisory for West TN & NW MS. Glad I did!

  3. phillipd

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    Snow and sleet last 2 hours in downtown Caledonia
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  4. DoyleAlley

    DoyleAlley Distinguished Poster

    Caledoina has a downtown?;)
  5. sand_man

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    Just damp and miserable down here.
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  6. DEADEYE 1

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    It is 33 here in Northern Clarke County at 4.10pm windy and falling. I should be in the deer stand, but I will let them rest till tomorrow..
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  7. It's nice to be retired on wintry days like today.

    OTOH, schools and other gubmint employees got a nice four-day weekend out of it ...
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  8. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    More snow and sleet/snow showers mixed on the way for Monday night and snow showers on Tuesday according to the current NWS forecast. o_O

    Subject to change, however.
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  9. NRA_guy

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  10. phillipd

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    Well I think so. Our post office on Main Street has a sign that says 'Main Post Office'. I still don't know where the other ones are
  11. JohnDeere

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    Just cold wind with sun in Beaumont tx did I say plenty of wind.
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  12. patchz

    patchz Court Jester

    Don't like the weather in Mississippi? Wait five minutes. :rolleyes:
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  13. Grumble.

    More snow in Desoto Co. again last night and early AM. ~13 deg. at 9:15 AM.

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  14. maxhush

    maxhush Distinguished Poster

    NW MS
    Still flurrying here. I was out in it in the early AM, and it took almost 45 minutes to go 11 miles home.
  15. oldwelder

    oldwelder Distinguished Poster

    It started here about 2 am, I got up at 4:30 it was snowing hard, at 9:35 am it's been snowing hard big flakes since daylight temp is 15 with strong nw wind.
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  16. fordpkup

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    Big flakes here, between Oxford and Pontotoc.
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  17. A definite stay-inside/stay-home-if-you-can day ... especially for those of us without trucks!
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  18. bwct

    bwct Distinguished Poster

    Not any better in SW Mississippi.
  19. Stay safe if you must drive or be outside then!