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sidroski said:
He probably doesn't even know nikon sells scopes.
... probably a very true statement!!
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I have 7 or 8 Nikon scopes as well as few Leupold Vari X II and III line.

I cannot tell the difference between a quality Leupold and a Nikon Monarch series...or a Zeis or other high dollar name brand for that matter...don't mean thre aint no diff...I just see it...and really the only way to judge them is not in the store...but at dusk and dawn

I don't really care for the buckmasters or pro-staff...lower end...

In optics I think you get what you pay for...up to about the $1000 range....then I dunno...but its highly subjective...kinda like picking out a wife

I'm in the "market" right now for scopes for 3 hunting rifles...

Most likely I'll go with a Monarch in a 50 MM objective with side focus on each....still mulling on it.
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