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    I have a Texas LTC and recently travelled through Mississippi on a road trip. This involved an overnight stay at a hotel in y'all's state before continuing on my way in the morning.

    This hotel had a sign near the main entrance that said "No Firearms". After some quick research, I found the relevant state law that appears to mandate a sign with the wording "No handguns or revolvers allowed". So I think I was fine to carry my gun into my hotel room. I have done some additional research since that trip and it appears that this issue is far from clear. I also noticed a sign at another location that said "No Weapons". I wanted to make sure that my understanding is correct before my next trip so I can plan accordingly, and possibly shift my overnight stopping point to a different state (Louisiana or Alabama).

    Apparently, the Mississippi AG has issued an opinion that one could be arrested and charged with trespassing for carrying past a sign with different wording than stated in the statute. We actually had a similar situation in Texas, but that was before the law was changed to include specific wording for signs, so that is a bit odd to me, since it appears that y'all already have specific wording.

    I am also confused by what the AG meant when they said "different wording". Both the "No Firearms" and the "No Weapons" signs are not just different wordings, but actually have different meanings than the language in the statute of "no handguns or revolvers". "No firearms" would apply not only to handguns and revolvers, but also to long guns, shotguns, etc. "No weapons" would further expand this dramatically to include potentially anything that could be used as a weapon, including tools like a tire iron, a Swiss army knife, a baseball bat, or even a belt. Did the AG's opinion mean to encompass signs with different meanings when they said that signs with different wording would also prohibit carry?

    As I said, I think this is far from clear, but I wanted to get the thoughts of folks on this forum.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I carry concealed. I have an enhanced concealed permit that tells me the prohibited places I cannot carry. I basically ignore all other signs. Emphasis on CONCEALED!

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    I would not think twice about concealed carrying in there. My families safety trumps all else.
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    I've seen a number of variations on the theme. The precise wording seems to be pretty much up to whoever is the building owner/manager. Whether the lawyers want to argue over the legal niceties is a different issue.

    This is what we get when we try to blame inanimate objects for the actions of people. :groan:
  5. Better for you to have taken your gun with you into your hotel room -- sign or no sign -- than to have left it in your (locked) vehicle with out-of-state plates in the parking lot overnight, IMO.
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    What hotel chain and where was it at in Ms. I want to avoid giving them any business. I generally stay at Marriott and its affiliates as I get a Family discount. Have not had one yet that was posted from Ms to Texas. Guess I have been lucky.
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    Saw this sign at a local business . . .
    Thought to myself, "Thank God I don't carry a Beretta."

    no beretta.jpg
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    I don't disagree with the posts above, but, if they are caught, they will probably be charged with trespassing. The policeman that taught my enhanced class said about the wording and or pictures on the sign, "you know what they mean, the police know what they mean, and most importantly, the judge knows what they mean". Now I'm not saying that you couldn't get a lawyer and go to court and get the trespassing dropped, but it would cost you way more than a trespassing fine. It seems to me that the AG is against carrying and he wants the law to be murky, it being murky works in his favor. You can't read anywhere about who reciprocates with who and be safe, if you read about TN, you would think you'd be ok, but Memphis knows better and they will lock you up, period. Some individual cops there might recognize the lunacy and let you go if you produce an enhanced permit, but it might be a democrat cop, and you would be screwed. Several years ago,a man in Washington DC was arrested and sent to prison for having "a spent shotgun shell" in his possession, no gun, just a single empty hull. Don't expect to be welcome with open arms everywhere you go, just because you have the permit, some of society hates you for it, and would love to see you crash and burn.
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    Problem is if he is a Judge worth anything he will go with the letter of the law. And that has specific wording is required. Can you win maybe not , but maybe so. As it is the law to read a specific way and to be readable from 10 feet posted at all entrances. Guess you can just go with those aspects you see fit also, why bother with the letter of the law. See that policeman is part of the problem indoctrinating people to think that store owners don't have to follow the law and its alright to interpret the law as you see fit.
    As far as the AG its just a opinion and a bad one at that. As he isn't following the law as passed either.
    I'll take my chance with being charged.
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    My thing is, unless an armed assailant comes into the establishment threatening imminent bodily harm (while you happen to also be there), how is anyone even going to know that you're carrying? It is concealed, after all.

    And if the above DOES happen, resulting in you having to deploy your weapon in self-defense . . . as the old saying goes, "I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6."
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    It's like drinking and driving, if you don't get caught did it really happen, but it's still against the law. I don't agree with the law, on a lot of issues, but I try to live by what I told my kids to do, which is do the right thing and always tell the truth, how can I pick the laws I like and sneak around under the ones I don't. I hate a hypocrite. But I think a man should do what he wants to. Not preaching to anybody.
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  13. I have a LEOSA (law enforcement officers safety act) carry authorization, which is good in all 50 states and DC. Does anyone know if this would be considered an "enhanced" carry autorization in Mississippi?

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    I understand and appreciate what you're saying . . . To each, his own.

    The way I figure; if ""the law"" that I'm supposed to be following stands a chance of getting me killed, I'm going to weigh my options, and act accordingly. Perhaps I'll just avoid that establishment all together.
  15. Jarhead5811

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    con·cealed, con·ceal·ing, con·ceals
    To keep from being observed or discovered; hide. See Synonym: hide.
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    That's one area Texas did a good job in. The 30.06 law is really clear, and not as vague as our signage.
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    Sign? What sign? Oh, sorry.

    Wouldn't give me a moments pause.

    As previously stated...concealed means...
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    concealed means concealed unless needed or a metal detector.
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    Only place I dont carry is somewhere they are patting us down to check.
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