Noises in the woods????

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    I have been hunting in the Little Biloxi WMA lately. Almost every evening close to dark, i keep hearing a noise. It is hard to describe but i will do my best. Almost like a bark or a deap throat wheeze , but a lot more scratchy, it is not low or pronounced like a bark, but not high pitched like a bird. Its seems to have some force, as it echos through the forest.

    The other noise is i keep hearing what sounds like a pissed off hunter slamming though the woods. Now, i know this isn't a hunter or a person. I don't think it is a deer, i have heard a deer make noise, but not this much. I also isn't like deer running in a panic, as it is more like a slow paced noise. But i hear branches breaking and brush moving.

    Now i am not scared of the noises like some may be. I grew up deer hunting in the north woods of Minnesota where we have things like black bears and Timer wolfs. I am curious of any SERIOUS ideas of what either of these are.
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    If you are near swamps or wetlands there are some large birds that make sounds that you wouldn’t naturally associate with a bird.

    As far as loud noises in the brush, my first thought would be armadillo. One armadillo can sound like a herd of elephants. Also, a wild hog can be a bit loud, at times.

    It’s a little early for it, that far south, but if the bucks are sparing, they can stomp pretty loud, even if there is little or no antler contact.
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    Never-mind my son drew a picture of what it was... 74b7cadc6f5f2059190f08d12ec3f967.jpg
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    Turkeys roosting might be the beating sounds, especially if it’s near sunset.
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    Could be black bear. There are more in MS than people think.
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    I’d say shoot it, if you see one of those.
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    Hogs,or. armidillios must likely as suggested above. Bucks are starting to spar, we were watching footage of numerous bucks sparring, nothing serious though, at Thanksgiving dinner.
  8. IMG_1635.JPG
    Some of us still have a little room in the imagination for folklore , don't we ? An American tradition.

    Undoubtedly the most familiar North American cryptid is Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot. The Sasquatch Information Society keeps track of reported sightings, which come in constantly from all over Canada and the United States, but center mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot is described as having the face of a gorilla, but the posture of a human. It is seven to nine feet tall and covered with long hair. Like some other cryptid apes, Sasquatch has an awful odor. Native Americans have legends of local apelike creatures going back many generations. The name Bigfoot was coined after huge footprints were found in 1958. Although many claims of evidence have been exposed as hoaxes, many people believe that it’s possible for a species of giant ape or hominid to reside in the wilderness areas.
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    Based on my experience in Lowndes County, I would say armadillo. They sound like a herd of elephants. I spent an hour one night after it was too dark to hunt chasing the noise I was hearing with a spotlight. I just had to know. I finally found the armadillo rooting through the leaves a long way from where I started. Yes, I shot him
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    We have bears, and wild hogs, big cats, Florida Panther, coyotoes, Hawks,eagles, big bobcats , and screetch owls that can make the hair on your neck stand up. And deer can make a snort wheeze sound. Then there is the skunk ape. The armadillo besides sounding like a herd of hogs rooting can make a vocal sound that sounds like if you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, like a herd of Carpenter bees humming.
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    It's obviously a Chupacabra.
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    Yea one of those.Like the one that bout tore up that small town in South Mississippi.
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    you know we all just did that:lol5:
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    I was in a hardwood bottom years ago just before too dark to shoot. I kept hearing a barking type noise that wasn't anything like a dog. It took me about ten minutes to figure out the it was squirrels. Guess that spooky bottom got the best of my imagination.
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    When I was 15 or so, I used to work for a man that had a few thousand acres that backed up to Bayou Sara.

    His wife's brothers came and camped on the back of the place every hunting season, and I'd go stay with them to visit and hunt.

    Got finished feeding cows etc for the day, and stopped by the house to tell the owner and his wife I was going to stay with Gary and Irvin, make a morning hunt, then do my work.

    It was probably 7pm or so, late winter, so good and dark, when I started driving back to the campsite. I got back to the "old" camp site where the old road dead ended at a bluff overlooking Bayou Sara, and decided to stop and relieve myself before continuing down the "new" road which wasn't finished, so the last mile and a half took 10-15 minutes to travel.

    Rolled up to the edge of the bluff, killed my truck and stepped out. About the time I got unzipped I heard the Awfulist yell/scream/growl and heard something that sounded big and heavy run off thru the woods, breaking limbs etc.

    Jumped in my truck and hauled butt back to the house. Upon telling what I had heard, Clara said she had heard something nearly the same about a week before very near where I was.

    I don't know what it was, but as someone who camped by himself a lot since I was 9-10, whatever it was scared me out of the woods. I've heard panthers scream (oh that's right, we don't have them around here) foxes blate, etc etc growing up in the woods, but I've never identified nor heard again that sound.
    I have chills here just thinking about it.
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    And the above reminded me of a funny story that happened with the above mentioned Gary.

    We camped one night and Gary was partial to sampling the spirits after dark.

    I rolled him out the sack one morning about 4, he was still pretty soused but wanted to hunt. We get ready, discuss where we are hunting, and load up in my truck. I drop him off at the edge of the main road on the place and he planned to walk into his stand to let the cold air "wake" him. He had to cross a corn field walk a road thru the woods and was going to hunt the edge of another field. I was going to be about 1/2 a mile from him, as I was going to hunt the edge of the upper end of the field I dropped him off at.

    I get parked, and start easing to my stand, looking across the field, as it is a bright moonlit night, when world war 3 breaks out. He unloads the magazine of his rifle, reloads, empties again, then went to hollering.

    I run jump in the truck, and by the time I get back to where I dropped him off he is waiting on me. I pick him up and all he would say was "Go". After a few minutes, he finally blurts out that a "UFO" had landed in the field he was going to hunt.

    After day break, we go back, and what had happened was a weather ballon had come down in the field, and with him half drunk, and the moon shining like it was, I guess it would look like aliens had landed.

    I picked on him about that for a long time.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled "noises in the woods"
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  17. I've only been spooked in the woods at night a couple of times. Once in heavy Griz country I was caught out after dark hiking back to the car in Glacier NP. Had seen two Griz while hiking earlier in the day and my imagination started working on me. Of course nothing happened, but I was glad to get back to the car at the now-deserted trailhead. Other time walking to deer stand in the pitch dark when I heard a woman scream like a bear was dragging her by the foot. Took a few moments before I realized it was a bobcat and my heart could start beating again.
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    Utica, MS
    Sounds to me it is the famous "Mississippi Hoofensnatcher" Very dangerous and they can make a terrible sound. :groan:
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    Well i have always felt safe in the woods. More safe than the city. I guess when you understand nature i don't scare you anymore. (Besides Grizzlies)

    I do have a story to share about by Father and brother up in Minnesota. This was back in 1999, we had some light winters and 99 was petty light as far as snow fall goes. This messes up the food chain because the animals that normal get run down by timber wolfs, can now out run the pack.

    My Dad and Brother went up to Northholm MN to our Uncle Rollands house. He had a little place outside the woods. They went Grouse hunting with his 20Ga/22lr combo single shot. They had walked about 1 mile back in the woods when he said something didn't feel right. At first he didn't know what it was, but he felt like something was going to happen. He grabbed my brother and turned home. This is when a pack of 9 Timber wolfs surrounded him. They were snapping at him, but trying to grab my brothers heel, my 5 yo brother is who they wanted. They kept working him in a circle trying to get an advantage. He managed to flip up the 20 ga and pull a shot off to scare them away. He ended up getting on strait in the neck unintentionally.

    This is not a normal thing. Wolfs are usually very wary of people. I don't know of many stories of wolfs attacking people. I have never been scared of wolfs.

    He ran home and told Rolland, Rolland told him " dig a pit, bury it, and it never happened!" *Note* At this time Timber Wolfs were on the endangered species list. He did the right thing and called DNR. Long story short, after a court battle, They finned him $2500, took his gun, and he couldn't hunt for 3 years, Because he was hunting timber wolfs.
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