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North MS Matches?

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Are there any High Power matches in North MS?
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Yes in Glen. Should be starting up next month

jbpmidas said:
Where is Glen?
North Mississippi. US 72 East of Corinth.
jbpmidas said:
Corinth isn't too far away. I'll have to keep an eye out for that match schedule.
Yes, should have a High Power match coming up the second saturday of March. Nothing listed yet. You can send an email and get some info. Check out the site.......crssa.com
jbpmidas said:
I already looked at the site. 100 yards would probably be better for a first match over 200. Are there limitations on ammo?
Yes, 100 yards but the size of the targets simulate 600 yards (I was told). Its a standard NRA match and I think the course of fire is there. Think it's 50 rounds total with two 5 round sight-in's at the begining. Don't know what you mean by limitations on ammo but whatever your rifle shoots. No optics, though. It's iron sights. I have been shooting my M1 Garand for the last couple years. Most use AR15s though. Although you can shoot any high powered rifle. Had a guy shooting some kind of 8mm rifle a while back.
jbpmidas said:
I meant reloads or mil-surp?
No problem with either. Several reload their own and I shoot the Greek 30-06 Ammo in my Garand.
jbpmidas said:
Do you have any past results sheets?
there should be some on the site in the high power section. I'll have to see if I can find them
Yes, click on the high power rifle at the top then you will see results and click on it and go from there.
Yes, usually 6 to 10 sometimes less but ten is probably a stretch. :)
jbpmidas said:
Well, I hope to join you some time. I am going to shoot my Garand for the first time tomorrow.
That's great. Hope to see you there sometime. I love shooting my Garand. Haven't shot my AR since I got the Garand a couple years ago.
1 - 9 of 23 Posts
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