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Not a GLOCK, but sure looks like one

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Been wanting one for a while and Academy had these on sale for $260, so I pulled the trigger on one today. Figured it was cheap enough to take a chance on. Reputation is questionable, but I like to tinker, so I think I'll enjoy it anyway. The thing sure looks like it should be wearing a GLOCK label, though. Baby GLOCK, at that. It's the machined sight model and Academy didn't exactly make that clear in their add, but these things are designed for close quarters anyway, so I don't find that too much of a detriment. Probably why they're able to sell them so cheap, though. If ever called upon, I don't think I'll have the time to casually aim the thing. Actually, it makes it easier to conceil and to get to when you need it, sorta like the LCP design. I think it'll be enjoyable and serve it's purpose.

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I'm really interested in owning one of these someday. Let us know how it goes.
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