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not my gun but a cool 30/30

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Story is it is a SBR built by a BATF agent who has since retired and deceased. It is a SAA frame welded to the upper and lower reciever of the marlin and fitted with a SAA grip and some encore sights. Pretty dang sweet if you ask me.


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Now that's a pistol. Couldn't pull it up on the Marlin site. Better have a good hold of it it your shooting 30-30's. Get someone's attention right quick.
I think that's why so many people are going the corp, LLC or trust route on tax stamp guns. Leave it to your son I guess but some of these fella's with a lot of letters after their name could speak to it better.
Joe, that guy who sold me the 38/357 is wanting to give me a refund if I "wanted". He seen the price they're bringing in now that they're on the market but I want my gun for half of what they're selling for now.
You got any word on getting yours?
Looks like a pistol to me. Only difference in it and my ranch hand is mine's got a straight nub and his has pistol grip. Nothing to see here ATF, move along.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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