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not my gun but a cool 30/30

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Story is it is a SBR built by a BATF agent who has since retired and deceased. It is a SAA frame welded to the upper and lower reciever of the marlin and fitted with a SAA grip and some encore sights. Pretty dang sweet if you ask me.


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micahbxd40 said:
I saw tons of these (not sure of brand) at the gun show and academy sells them also the label said pistol
So no stamp required??
If its already a pistol like the "mares" leg type several companies offer then theres no stamp. If its a rifle thats cut down then its a short barrel rifle and its stamp time then. If i could find a decent price on one of the mares leg guns i would build one in a second... really like the looks of this thing.
The rossi version should be about $450 retail. I just am not that big of a fan of their stuff.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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