Not sure what I need to do felony expunged

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    Long answer:

    MS has 2 classes of permits: Regular and Enhanced. The enhanced allows a few extra places you can carry, but requires an 8 hour class. Regular does not require a class.
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    ok besides talking to my lawyer i think take 120+cost of a picture and roll the dice and see what happens
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    I am interested to see what the verdict is on your expunged record not passing their scrutiny. Please keep us informed.
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    With the wording on the new permits “ Not for Federal Identification” , I imagine more and more places will start running even with it.
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    You might try going to the court that issued the expungment. Talk to the judges clerk and ask what you should do. May just be able to refile or something simple without the need for a thief O I mean a lawyer! JMO
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    Just by reading your post I am not 100% sure of what the glitch was and I am no way defending the convoluted situations that our confusing gun laws place us. I would say talk to a competent attorney soon, of particular importance to me would be if the gun should be in your house/possession. I admittedly don't know all the nuances of firearms laws but I am quite familiar with how it will play out if your purchase was flagged and presented for investigation and it is determined it should not be in your possession. This is me only, but I would keep the gun with a trusted third party until I had some answers. For what it is worth, I am a very cautious guy and others might disagree with my assessment, but ultimately, we all do what allows us to sleep at night.
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