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Noticed something odd

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I always put ammo into those mtm plastic boxes... makes it easier to carry in my range bag. I opened 2 boxes of blazer brass to put them into one of the boxes, the brass in the box was a even mix of cci and federal. Never seen that one before. This ammo was bought about 8 months ago at wal mart and was unopened till a few minutes ago.
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Someone spilled a box somewhere along the way....

Bet you check your ammo b 4 you purchase from now on...its been so long since I've bought a box of commercially loaded pistol ammo...I might forget myself next time...

In this case...someone probably did you a favor...I aint a big fan of Blazer....are the bullets different?
jbpmidas said:
Depending on why I bought it, I would take it back. If you bought it for a match, take it back! No consistency between brands. If you just want to shoot it, FIRE AWAY!
Yep +1

Just another of many reasons not to buy "bargains"....or anything gun related at Wally World

especially if its the Clinton store....I only buy dog food there
U didn't buy Blazer expecting it to be match grade in the first place

shoot it and have fun...don't buy ammo at Walmart any more

don't buy ANYTHING at WalMart if you can keep from doing so
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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