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November Las Vegas ViMSAR match

Despite the wind gusts of over thirty miles an hour and a light drizzle being blown by that wind late in the match, we had a great time. My joy came from making what was probably made the two best shots in my life.

One of the regulars is in the food business and he donated several turkeys for this month's event. The last chance to win a turkey was held after the match was completed. Each shooter was allowed three shots at a 400 yard plate... standing. Closest to the plate would be our winner as no one was expected to hit it standing in the fierce winds. My first shot was over the top so I allowed for a sliver of daylight and whacked it the next two shots! We'll be enjoying a 21 pound Butterball later this week. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


This month's match was actually two matches in one. We had our regular match and also a carbine only event, set up on a different set of targets.
The main match and sniper side match were shot on the silhouette range, starting with:
Stage One. Shot from standing position, ten rounds alternating two 200yd. targets.
Stages Two, Three and Four all had the same format, shot at 300, 400 and 500 yds. Five rounds on the silhouette target and five at the square plate, from the bench.
The tie breaker was the grenade and knife throw and then six pistol rounds at the dueling tree.
Possible high score of 56.

1. Steve Franks-------------FN FAL-----------.308------------33 (28.88 secs)
2. Mac McAllister-----US Rifle, CAl.30, M-1----.30-06-----------33 (31.82 secs)
3. Jim Drulensky--------Springfield M-1A-------.308------------33 (32.94 secs)
4. Marc Pinjuv----------Springfield M-1-------.30-06-----------32
5. Tom Wright---------Springfield M-1A-------.308-------------30
6. Boby Ramsay--------Springfield M-1-------.30-06-----------29
7. David Franklin-------Springfield M-1A-------.308------------28 (26.87 secs)
8. Miguel Quintanilla----Springfield M-1-------.30-06-----------28 (42.73 secs)
9. Marty Garrison-------Springfield M-1-------.30-06-----------25
10. Travis Lindsey------Springfield M-1-------.30-06-----------16
11. English Andy--------Springfield M-1-------.30-06-----------13 (DNF)
12. Spencer Stroyer----Springfield M-1-------.30-06------------9

Sniper Match
1. Bobby Ramsay-------Finn Nagant M-39-----7.62x54R----------21
2. Jim Willey---------Turkish Mauser M-38-------8mm-------------7 (DNF)

The carbine match started with the same tie breaker as the main match, and then ten rounds engaging a 150yd. target from standing position.
There were five targets on Stage Two, from 100 to 50 yds. Another knife throw and then engage the targets through a window, sweep twice from back to front.
Stage Three had three targets at 100yds. Fom sitting supported position, using your weak side, engage with ten rounds in a Nevada Sweep.
The 'Gary' target was used on Stage Four at 100yds. From prone position, hit 'Gary' but miss the targets on either side.
Bill Harty won the carbine match with no misses. Good shooting, Bill !!
Possible high score of 59.

1. Bill Harty--------------M-1 Carbine------.30 Carbine---------49
2. Jim Drulensky----------M-1 Carbine------.30 Carbine---------44 (58.68 secs)
3. Miguel Quintanilla------M-1 Carbine------.30 Carbine---------44 (95.01 secs)
4. Steve Franks----------M-1 Carbine------.30 Carbine---------43
5. Tony Dee-----------------AK-47----------7.62x39-----------42 (107.35 secs)
6. Marc Pinjuv-----------M-1 Carbine------.30 Carbine----------42 (123.99 secs)
7. Joe Brennan---------------SKS------------7.62x39----------41
8. Jim Coe---------------M-1 Carbine------.30 Carbine---------40 (97.25 secs)
10. Mac McAllister-----------SKS------------7.62x39-----------40 (104.47 secs)
11. Bruce Henry----------M-1 Carbine------.30 Carbine---------35
12. Matt Adams--------------AK-47----------7.62x39----------34 (73.52 secs)
13. Ron Custer---------------SKS------------7.62x39----------34 (79.46 secs)
14. Sam Salvo------------M-1 Carbine------.30 Carbine---------34 (115.82 secs)
15. Travis Lindsey--------Polish AK-47--------7.62x39----------32
16. Dustin Halstead----------SKS-------------7.62x39----------28
17. Marty Garison--------M-1 Carbine-------.30 Carbine---------27
18. David Franklin----------AK-47------------7.62x39-----------25 (64.57 secs)
19. David Johnson------------SKS------------7.62x39----------25 (121.35 secs)
20. English Andy---------M-1 Carbine-------.30 Carbine---------22
21. Brandi Halstead----------SKS------------7.62x39-----------21 (150.92 secs)
22. Kim Webb--------------AK-47-----------7.62x39-----------21 (245.13 secs)
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